12-4-2013 10-40-21 PMIn December 2012, Governor John Hickenlooper and the Colorado Department of Human Services introduced “Strengthening Colorado’s Mental Health System: A Plan to Safeguard All Coloradans.” “For the past five months, in response to the Aurora shooting, we have been working to expand mental health care and services across Colorado,” Hickenlooper said. “No single plan can guarantee to stop dangerous people from doing harm to themselves or others. But we can help people from falling through the cracks. We believe these policies will reduce the probability of bad things happening to good people.”

Status of Implementation

Crisis Access, LLC was presumptively awarded contracts in all four regions by CDHS in October 2013, but the award was later cancelled and rebid with a due date of January 4, 2014. A second round of RFPs was issued by the state, but on February 28, 2014, Judge Herbert Stern approved a motion for preliminary injunction and ordered the re-procurement to be discontinued until further notice. CDHS appealed this ruling to the Colorado Supreme Court who refused to hear the case.

Articles Following Preliminary Injunction

  • Denver Post (March 3, 2014) “Judge criticizes Colorado’s cancellation of mental health contracts”
  • Summit Daily (March 8) “Unclear future for state’s key mental health effort”
  • Colorado Statesman (March 9) “Judge grants Preliminary Injunction in case involving mental health services”
  • Denver Post (April 6) “Mental health resources in limbo in dispute over grant awards”

Articles Following Supreme Court Refusal to Hear CDHS Appeal

  • Denver Post (5/17/2014) “Judge advises state do-over of ‘bungled’ mental health contract” (Stern suggests CDHS “Redo the award with integrity… [with] Crisis Access, LLC as presumptive winner”)

Crisis Access, LLC Withdraws from Colorado

Effective today, June 6, 2014, Crisis Access, LLC, is filing with Denver District Court a joint motion that is expected to be the first step in withdrawing its pursuit of the Colorado Department of Human Services crisis services RFP awards, and will not be pursuing further actions related to these programs. We regret that we will not have the opportunity to implement our innovative, recovery-oriented solutions in Colorado, and we look forward to continuing the exploration of similar opportunities in other states to partner on establishing the next generation of integrated crisis care.

  • Denver Post (June 11, 2014) “Colorado to move ahead with mental health revamp after suit settled”
  • Denver Post (June 12, 2014) “Deal allows mental health centers plan to advance”

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